About Us

Our Values

Expanding into online trading could keep you open for longer and make you more accessible to customers. You can get your business online with a new website in a matter of weeks.


We believe everyone should be able to have a website at an affordable price.


We believe in developing solid working relationships with our customers.


We create quality websites that are fast, responsive and
mobile ready.


From the start it is essential we are as transparent as possible with our customers.

Our Team

We are a small family business who believe no matter how small you are you can have a big impact on the world. A professional web presence can help you do just that.

David Armitage

managing director

The founder of
and the “Tech guy”, it’s
been rumoured that he was born in the Matrix, some say he started these
rumours himself.

Busarin Armitage

Sales director

She loves a sale and making sure everything is organised. Keeping the rest of us
inline has most certainly been her hardest task to date, success in this is TBC.

Reece Armitage

Junior Programmer

An up and comer as a developer with a natural flair for design. He is toothless
and ruthless and never bites off more than he can chew, because he literally

James Armitage

Junior Programmer

Makes sure everything is running smoothly and bug free. He likes to think of
himself as a bit of a ladies man but Howard from The Big Bang is more accurate.

Denver Jackson

lead developer

A brilliant developer and a hard worker, that is until it gets to Friday at 5pm and
then it’s beer time. Nicknames include; “The Goose”, “Goosey” and “Chesney”.

Philip Sampson

account manager

An experienced Accounts Manager who makes sure everything is up to date and
you guys are happy. Likes to think of himself as a bit of a chef but loves to burn